…everything is communicated ahead of time, and then when you are in labor, everything is taken care of.  It’s like you have this friend in the room that is looking out for you, and she knows exactly how you want things to go.  She is also there to support your significant other, and it makes the entire process a special moment when it could have been a stressful one. img_7130-2They have such a passion for what they do and they make a difference in each and every mom’s life that they touch. -Joanie

I have had three home births, but not until my third did I seek a doula.  I contacted Taylor at my midwife’s recommendation…. When the pushing stage hit, I started to panic and tense up like I had the first two times, but her voice broke through the fog coaching me firmly to breathe, calm down, slow img_0725-2down. That sweet baby came quickly and peacefully, with not even a stitch necessary! I could never have done it without my amazing team of my husband, midwife, and my doula, Taylor. We are moving states, but if I could pack her up in the truck and take her with me for my next birth, I would!! She is a lovely, friendly, strong woman; my kiddos loved her and we will all miss her dearly. -Marie

I can’t imagine what it would have been like without having a doula there with my husband and I during my labor and delivery. img_7175-2Being first time parents, she was very helpful with all our questions we had during our prenatal visits. I loved being able to text/call her anytime I needed to. The support we had during labor was everything we needed.           -Skye

She is so personable and caring. There was so much about pregnancy and labor that I didn’t know, and she informed me of all the options I had. She was there for me 24/7 whenlogoimg_7012-2 I was experiencing something or just had questions. I had so many issues with breast feeding after I had my son & she came to my house and helped me by showing me different positions & techniques to help. She was without a doubt a lifesaver. -Ashlee

…she was respectful of following along with our birthing plan, as well as encouraging. She was helpful during my first natural labor. She brought in essential oils, a. a birthing ball, lotions, soothing music, etc all img_5041for my comfort. She was never intrusive or in the way. It was a joy for my husband and I to share this experience with her. I highly recommend a doula to any family, as I can’t imagine her not adding to the wonderful experience of bringing a child into the world. -Jenette






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