Healthy Pregnancy:  

          Healthy Pregnancy class will help expectant parents learn how to keep themselves and their babies healthy as they take the remarkable journey through pregnancy. The class curriculum models healthy habits and partner involvement, all while focusing on the importance of good prenatal health.pregnancy-class-pic

Topics include:

Fetal Development. Medical Care. Nutrition/Exercise. Discomforts/Remedies.  Hazards/Warning Signs. Emotions.

Childbirth Preparation:

          Childbirth Preparation will help new parents be better prepared for their own birth experience. Parents will learn about the stages of labor through video animation, how the birth process unfolds using real birth stories, helpful partner support tips, what to expect from common medical procedures, and much more.img_5041

Topics include:

Pregnancy Overview: Anatomy. Preparing for birth. Stages and Phases of Labor: signs of labor, symptoms of each phase, what to expect. Comfort Measures: support team, what to pack, relaxation, breathing. Medical Procedures: interventions, cesarean, medical pain relief. Newborn:  procedures, appearance, feeding,.



      Breastfeeding Beginnings class will equip new and expectant families with the information they need to begin a successful breastfeeding journey. In addition to helpful video animation, parents will be able to use realistic newborn models to demonstrate holdbf-class-picing their newborn, proper positioning for feeding and burping.

Topics include: 

How Breastfeeding Works. Latching and Positioning. Making Enough Milk.  Breastfeeding Lifestyle. Breastfeeding Care. Pumping/Storage. Returning to Work.




New Family Care:

          New Family Care class prepares families to care for their newborn, as well as each other during this new time. Parents will learn newborn care, postpartum recovery for the new mom and how important support is for
the family. They will learn about caring for their newborn with video animation and the use of realistic newborn models to demonstrate holding, bathing, and safety.


Topics include:

Mother Care: recovery, rest, nutrition. Postpartum Support: time management, activities,
emotions. Partner Support: sleep, emotions, baby bonding. Feeding Baby: hunger signs, patterns. Baby Care: appearance, bathing, clothing, safety.



           Sibling Class teaches sibling preparedness with fun and engaging videos and activities. Siblings will practice holding and calming baby, as well as helping mom with baby care routines. Activity booklets are provided for every sibling as well as a Super Sibling certificate of completion.

sibling-class-picTopics Include:

Newborn appearance and behavior. Holding baby, feeding, diapering, safety. What can sibling expect when they visit baby. Emotions and feelings. How sibling can help with baby care.


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